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Marsdens new electrolyte replacement

Did you know? Did you know?3-5-2018
Afbeelding: BETALYTE

BETA-LYTE is an electrolyte replacement for poultry and game birds to use at strategic periods of stress. BETA-LYTE stimulates water consumption, supplies the bird with essential body salts and supports bird health during the growing period.

The benefits of BETALYTE

  • Stimulates water consumption following vaccination, drug treatment and disease challenge
  • Enhances early feed consumption and stimulation of appetite
  • A flexible electrolyte replacement appropriate to use through the year and for all avian species
  • Aids in reducing stress during and following poult transportation
  • Readily available source of body salts (Sodium, Potassium) to compensate for losses due to hot weather

How to use BETALYTE

  • Use 3 days prior to vaccination
  • Use 3 days following transportation from rearing farms
  • Use during times of heat stress
  • Use at all times of disease challenge or other stress