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Marsdens Small Animal Feeds Range

Marsdens specially formulated feeds are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of Rabbits & Guinea Pigs.

    Marsdens Rabbit and Guinea Pig Feeds

    There are nine nutritious, specially formulated feeds for both Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

    1. Coney Breed - a high protein dust free pellet, ideal for pregnant does
    2. Coney Pet - an excellent all rounder! Probably the best selling rabbit pellet on the market!
    3. Coney Harvest Munch - highly palatable long fibre feed with Vitamin C supplement
    4. Coney Meadow Munch - highly palatable long fibre feed mix - nutritious in every way!
    5. Coney Pea Munch - with the added attraction of large peas!
    6. Coney G02+ - highly nutritious extruded feed with a Vitamin C supplement suitable for Guinea Pigs and other small animals
    7. Guinea Crunch Pellets - High protein with added Vitamin C
    8. Harvest Crunch - a delicious muesli mix for Guinea Pigs!
    9. Coney Breed + - a high protein dust free pellet with Vitamin C

    All nine diets are specifically designed to keep your small pets happy and healthy!

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