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Forage service launched to help combat shortages.

Seasonal challenge Seasonal challenge12-3-2018

ForFarmers have set up a web-based service to help put farmers with forage shortages in touch with farmers with a forage surplus. The service aims to help relieve the pressure on forage stocks many farmers are experiencing with the hot, dry conditions.

“The recent, prolonged heatwave has put pressure on forage stocks for many farmers across the country,” says Nick Berni ForFarmers Ruminant Product Manager. “Grass growth has fallen dramatically, meaning many grazing-based farmers are having to feed this year’s first and second cuts.  The weather has also impacted silage production on many farms causing concern over winter forage stocks.

“ForFarmers aims to put those in need of forage with farmers who have a surplus of forage in order to help alleviate the situation,” he adds.

The service is open to all farmers and will also provide information about other strategies, options and products to help with a forage shortage.

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