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Going Zinc Free

Zinc is currently being phased out of pig production – we’re here to help by providing practical tips and advice for UK pig producers on their zinc free journey.

Advice for going zinc free

Simple and successful suckler approach in Scotland

Peter Kennedy has a simple approach to beef production on his farm with reliable and low input suckler cows and a feeding regime to match.

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VITAFOCUS - Innovations in layer nutrition

And now, an organic range formulated with organic soya oil 
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Achieving great success with Margin Over Purchased Feed

Attention to detail has always been an important part of the approach at Heaton Hall Farm. Find out how this has led to the right nutritional and financial solutions.

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Homemix Nutrition

Your bespoke blend of experience and expertise - Homemix nutrition offers home mill and mix solutions for pig and poultry. 

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Looking to increase your organic feed efficiency?

These are challenging times for organic farmers with costs continuing to rise. Find out how to work out your herd's Feed to Milk ratio and increase feed efficiency.

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FM BioEnergy provide a range of services to help operators of anaerobic digestion plants gain more control of the process and increase methane yields in order to improve the return on investment.
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