The Total Feed Business

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Livestock farmers have to deal with increasing attention from society in order to ensure they are providing a sustainable food production, food safety and animal welfare. ForFarmers can support them in this process with integrated solutions, consisting of (feed) products, advice and management tools. Every farmer will have his own individual wishes and we are happy to accommodate these. We offer an integrated total solution, one which will suit the objectives, feed system and business situation of individual farmers. This, in turn, will result in a better return and ease of working at farm level.

Hand feed

Feed, advice and management tools

ForFarmers has traditionally always been strong in the development and production of compound feed and supplementary feed for livestock farmers. The company’s core activities are the production and logistics of feed, as well as the provision of innovative Total Feed solutions, consisting of (feed) products, advice and resources to help determine your business objectives and monitor the subsequent results.

ForFarmers’ product range varies from compound feed, young animal feed and specialist feed, right through to liquid feeds, loose raw materials, sowing seeds (grass and corn) and fertilisers. Our advice is focussed on all aspects of nutrition, animal husbandry and business development. The tools include programmes, products and services, which will help farmers to set their objectives and subsequently monitor and compare results. We use our approach to align our products and advice throughout the entire production cycle at the farm. We supply a total solution. Resulting in: a better return and healthier livestock!