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Farmgate smallholder pig feeds are premium products using only the very best raw ingredients, assuring our smallholder customers that the Farmgate range is backed by the same nutritional expertise and experience, which larger farmers and producers have trusted and relied upon for many years.

This Farmgate product range and advice guide is intended to be used to help Smallholders who are keeping small numbers of animals in non-intensive, humane conditions, providing a general introduction to the ownership and care of your Farmgate fed livestock. You should always seek further advice before acquiring / developing commercial sized herds.

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, you have a legal obligation as someone who has poultry or livestock in their care, to ensure that the welfare and needs of your animals are met in accordance with good husbandry.

The welfare of an animal covers many aspects: hunger, home, health, happiness and heart. Which are commonly known as the "Five Freedoms".

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