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Optifeed is the new ruminant rationing package from ForFarmers UK. The program is based on our Feed2Milk (F2M) vision and incorporates the Cow Model.

The rationing package is used by ForFarmers nutritionists in four countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK. As a result our experts have the ability to share best practices and developments within the program.

Building rations for the whole herd

The Cow Model utilises current herd details which in turn enables Optifeed to ration the whole herd and deliver feed advice for milking heifers, second calvers and older cows across all stages of lactation.

Dry NIR forage analysis is a good starting point and the results are automatically downloaded into the program for improved accuracy. The ration is then built from a library of Total Feeds and daily synchronisation ensures all ingredients and product specifications are live and accurate.

The ability to ration dairy, dry cows and heifers in the same area of the program and record feed efficiency of the milking ration at each ration change enables our customers to get greater overall efficiency.

Steve and Clive

A wealth of knowledge from Specialists across the business

The Optifeed program allows us to deliver a team approach to your rationing and we can collaborate with Specialist's across the business to help us deliver the best solutions and advice on farm. For example our Youngstock Specialists can check that heifer rations are aligned with Target 24 or our AMS Specialists can check concentrate settings. This access functionality is an invaluable tool that can help us deliver efficient and economic products and services.

Get in touch with our dairy specialists

Contact our dedicated team of dairy specialists for advice and how we can help your business.

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