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Unlock the full potential of APOLLO with Data View

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  • Easily record key data to achieve maximum performance, and profitability
  • Analyse results in easy-to-read graphs

Working in harmony for measurable success

Achieve maximum performance, and therefore profitability, by monitoring the most critical factors, together.

Take a holistic view to maximise your performance and profitability.

Apollo Nutrition

Healthy growth for healthy profits’ designed to improve broiler growth, feed conversion ratio and support skeletal development and gut health.

Growth rates

A chick has the potential to increase its bodyweight by 450% in its first week! This growth can be closely monitored by batch and broiler house.

Water consumption

Strongly correlated to feed consumption, this is critical to monitor. It’s also a strong indicator of behavioural changes caused by stress or disease.


Closely monitor mortality patterns and align to any changes around environmental or management factors.

Housing conditions

Humidity and temperature are interdependent. These factors need to be continually monitored and adjusted depending on the building and external conditions.

On-farm support

Team Apollo is on hand to support you! Using the data gathered in Data View in these key areas, the team will help you make informed decisions to drive maximum performance.

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