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Dairy Compound Feed

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ForFarmers dairy feed range is based on the latest research and development, practical experience and principals of Feed2Milk. The F2M dairy compound range consists of four elements:

  • Maxima
  • Optima
  • Prima

Each type of feed has its own specific features which are closely linked to different silage types and quality, they are formulated to maximise performance, improve health and drive efficiency. F2M feeds can be used across a variety of feeding systems; compound only, PMR and robotic milking systems.

Every dairy farmer has their own objectives, products within the F2M range ensure farmers achieve these objectives as well as maximising feed efficiency and delivering the right performance benefits.


High specification feeds for maximum animal performance (with lower feed rates)


High specification feeds for optimum animal performance (with higher feed rates)


Best cost feed solution. Ideal for very low or high feed rate systems

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