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Feed2Milk is a unique approach to dairy cow nutrition focused on cow health, milk yield, milk quality and fertility.

Did you know over 28% of all dairy cows in the UK are fed Feed2Milk feeds. Our Dairy Specialists operate nationwide and have analysed more than 300,000 cow performance records, this collectively makes us the UK's leading supplier of dairy nutrition products and services.

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What is the Feed2Milk approach?

Feed2Milk starts with analysis of homegrown forage using dry NIR, then carefully formulates and accurately measures nutrient content of feed, then onto the Optifeed rationing program which matches the nutrients supplied with the requirements of the cow, to predict performance and ration efficiency.

Our Feed2Milk system expresses these predictions through a set of figures, including:

  • MELK – More Energy for the Lactating Cow (indication of true milk yield potential from energy) 
  • TDP – True Digestible Protein (digestible protein available for milk production)
  • RFC – Rapidly Fermentable Carbohydrate (indicating rumen health risk)
  • AI – Acidosis Index (predicting the risk of acidosis)
  • RI – Rumination Index (structural fibre supply)

These figures help provide information about a herd’s potential performance and give a much better understanding of how each individual farm’s forage will perform. The Feed2Milk system then uses over 3,000 equations resulting in a tailored Optifeed ration program for your herd, that optimises rumen function and predicts the best performance outcome of a ration.

F2M focus areas

The benefits of Feed2Milk

Feed2Milk focuses on key areas such as, forage quality which is analysed using dry NIR and is more accurate than fresh NIR leading to a greater predictability of the overall ration. 

Optifeed our on farm rationing program uses Feed2Milk to enable us to ration your herd more accurately, this leads to:

  • Higher predictability of the ration effects
  • Greater lifetime production
  • Better ration and feed efficiency
  • Healthier cows
  • Increased milk from forage

Results from Feed2Milk nutrition plans show an average increase of 1.8 litres/day (with a range of 0.5-8.0 litres/cow/day). The value of extra milk production resulted in an average increase of £14/cow/month.

With Feed2Milk, an improvement in feed efficiency was also observed with an average 0.04kg/litre reduction in feed rate. This led to an average saving of £6/cow/month in feed costs, or a potential extra 700 litres per cow produced from forage.

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ForFarmers is here to support you and your dairy herd. To find out more details or to benefit from our Feed2Milk approach contact your local Account Manager or contact a Dairy Specialist:

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