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Micro Balance

Micro Balance is a range of nutritional supplements to be incorporated in TMR or PMR diets.

Each product has a specific nutritional function and can be included to supply nutritional benefits or to correct specific nutritional problems which may be affecting herd performance.

Micro Balance products target the four advantages:

  • More production
  • Better quality
  • Improved health
  • Reduce cost
Micro Balance Range - ForFarmers

Levucell 30, Prime and Natural

Afbeelding: Levucell3

Levucell TITAN is a rumen specific live yeast. This feed additive is unique to ForFarmers and has a number of features which benefit rumen health and production in dairy cows.

  • Maintains a constant rumen pH
  • Reduces rumen acid loading
  • Improves fibre digestion, milk yield and rumen health

Health Protect

Health protect, ForFarmers Micro Balance Range

Health Protect is a new molecule structure exclusive to ForFarmers that helps combat high somatic cell counts and mastitis by inhibiting gram positive bacteria.

  • Reduces Somatic Cell Counts (SCC)
  • Incidences of mastitis reduced
  • Associated benefits of lower SCC include optimum milk production, improved fertility and a higher margin per cow.



Detox, ForFarmers Micro Balance Range

Detox is a combination of specially selected biologically active ingredients which bind, transform and degrade mycotoxins that dairy cows are most susceptible. Detox is used to limit the uptake of mycotoxins by the cow in contaminated forage. 

  • Minimise the effects of mycotoxins
  • Supports natural defence system
  • Maintains dry matter intake and milk production 


Afbeelding: MB Hoof

Micro Balance Hoof enhances keratin synthesis, improves hoof strength and health. Biotin is a B-group vitamin and is an essential nutrient for all animals.

  • Enhances keratin synthesis
  • Improves hoof quality and strength
  • Stimulates glucose synthesis which drives milk production


ExtraGuard, ForFarmers

ExtraGuard is a combination of vitamin E, cellguard and bio-available selenium. This combination of vitamins, trace elements and anti-oxidants boosts cow health by improving natural immunity.

  • Improved immune response
  • Fewer cases of mastitis and lower somatic cell counts
  • Reduced incidences of retained cleansings

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