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Organic Dairy Minerals & Microbalance Range

Minerals and trace elements are essential for cow health, but research has shown that many UK dairy cows are oversupplied with minerals. Correctly balanced minerals can lead to improved performance, cow health and fertility.

Our range of organic minerals are certified by the Soil Association and contain organic seaweed to provide an additional source of natural trace elements, amino acids, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.

ForFarmers’ account managers are trained to assess the complete mineral input on farm by collecting information from forage analysis, water analysis, feed content and via boluses or supplementation from the vet. They can then develop a mineral plan that works for each individual herd, meeting the cows’ needs but not oversupplying minerals. 

ForFarmers organic range:

Minline Natural Cattle GP

Minline GP APP

An organic Soil Association Certified mineral formulated to meet requirements across a range of cattle feeding systems.

Optimin selenium improves bioavailability and works to support the immune and antioxidant function in the absence of vitamin E. The addition of organic seaweed provides an additional source of natural trace elements, amino acids, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.

Minline Natural Dairy

Minline Dairy APP

An organic Soil Association Certified mineral to suit most dairy rations.

Additional protected Selenium helps compensate for the lack of vitamin E. Organic seaweed is included as an additional source of natural trace elements. High iodine helps supplement the lower iodine levels in organic forages.

organic dry cow minerals

Minline Dry Cow APP

Suitable for inclusion in organic dry cow rations, to help meet the requirements of cow and calf during the final 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Magnesium and calcium levels are optimised to support calving ease and to aid in the management of milk fever. Selenium bioavailability is optimised with Optimin® SeY to support calf development and the immune function of both cow and calf in the absence of vitamin E. 

Lump Rock Salt

Lump Rock Salt

Essential to promote saliva production, maintain water balance and ensure optimum function of the digestive system.

Rock Salt is a convenient and natural way of providing salt for your livestock. Lack of salt causes low appetite, reduced feed efficiency and poor performance. ForFarmers Rock Salt is a natural product and is supplied as large lumps. It can increase milk production, magnesium uptake and is a valuable source of trace elements.

Organic Buckets

Organic Buckets

We supply a range of versatile Soil Association approved buckets designed to suit all livestock needs including dairy, dry and suckler cows.

Mineral buckets support optimal animal health and performance.They also provide key minerals and trace elements which help to balance potential deficiencies in forage. 


Levucell Natural

Levucell TITAN is a rumen specific live yeast. This feed additive is unique to ForFarmers and has a number of features which benefit rumen health and production in dairy cows.

Levucell's main benefits are that it maintains a constant rumen pH, reduces rumen acid loading and improves fibre digestion, milk yield and rumen health.

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For more information on our organic mineral products or if you would like to speak to a specialist about your mineral requirements please contact your local Account Manager or send us online enquiry here.

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