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Dry Cow Mineral Range

Supplying the correct amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is important for optimum production, health and fertility.

Deficiency or excess of minerals can reduce performance and seriously affect animal health. 

ForFarmers organic range:

Minline Natural Dairy

Minline Translac Dry Cow

A dry cow mineral formulated to help meet the requirements of cow & calf during the final 6 weeks of pregnancy. 

To support calving ease and to aid in the management of milk fever, magnesium and calcium levels are optimised alongside raised levels of selenium and vitamin E to support the immunce function of the cow and calf. This also supports against post-calving disease challenges such as retained cleansings and metritis. 

organic dry cow minerals

Minline Translac Elite Dry Cow

An organic certified mineral to support your in-calf cows and reduce issues down the line.

A low calcium mineral with high phosphorus and magnesium. High levels of antioxidants and the addition of protected selenium help support a strong immune system in calf and help to reduce post calving problems in the cow. It has the addition of optimin manganese, zinc, copper and selenium and increased vitamin E and D3.

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