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TOPGRASS - Organic Mixtures

We have a range of organic grass mixtures.

Activate Short Term

70% Organic (3 years)

A very high yielding mixture which is designed for maximum production over a 2-3 year period and will provide high protein and sugar levels. The mixture also benefits from the stress tolerance of Ryegrass Plus.

  • Shorter term Red Clover cutting mixture with high levels of protein and nitrogen fixation
  • High dry matter yields with high levels of digestibility
  • All Tetraploid Ryegrass ley for high sugar levels aiding silage fermentation
  • Includes 40% Perseus Italian Ryegrass Plus for persistency, yields, quality and stress tolerances
  • Open growth habit allows clover to thrive
  • High inclusion rate of Red Clover
  • Aftermath grazing potential
  • Heading date 20th - 25th May, average heading date 22nd May, optimal cutting date 12th - 17th May
  • Sowing Rate 13-15kg/acre (32-37kg/ha)
Organic 2024 Activate Short Term

Achieve Medium Term

70% Organic (3 - 4 years)

A mixture to provide high yields of forage for both cutting and or grazing, principally designed to give a very heavy first cut of silage with an optional second cut and grazing thereafter.

  • Optimum production throughout growing season
  • High Clover content improves sward quality and nitrogen fixation
  • Timothy included for early spring growth and late autumn grazing
  • Selected perennials to ensure hard wearing productive sward
  • Heading date 22nd May - 5th June, average heading date 29th May, optimal cutting date 19th - 24th May
  • Sowing Rate 13-15kg/acre (32-37kg/ha)
Organic 2024 Achieve Medium Term

Advance Long Term

70% Organic (5+ years)

Top quality Perennial Ryegrass varieties form the basis of this blend providing top yields and quality. The varieties have been chosen for their ability to produce quality forage within a low input scenario.

  • Flexible long term intensive grazing mixture
  • Clover fixes nitrogen and improves protein and digestibility
  • Timothy improves winter hardiness and persistence
  • Specific grazing clovers will allow a less intensive management regime
  • Selected perennials maximise sward density and production
  • Heading date 18th May - 16th June, average heading date 2nd June
  • Sowing Rate 13-15kg/acre (32-37kg/ha)
Organic 2024 Advance Long Term

Accelerate Ley Booster

70% Organic

  • Suitable for overseeding after cutting or hard grazing in spring or autumn
  • Tops up sward by preventing weed grass ingress
  • Improves sward quality
  • Available without clover
  • Heading date 19th May - 6th June
  • Sowing rate 10/acre (25kg/ha)
Organic 2024 Accelerate ley booster

**Heading dates are based on figures for central England and should be adjusted for local conditions

‘Check with your organic certification officer with regards to sowing 70% organic mixes as you must obtain approval prior to sowing’

*Optimal cutting window based on 5 - 10 days before average heading date

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