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TOPGRASS - Red Clover Mixtures

We have a range of red clover mixtures.


Short Term Multi-cut Red Clover (2-3 years)

Contains: GroMax

  • High quality protein silage production
  • 60% Ryegrass PlusTM for high yields and quality with stress tolerance
  • Deep rooting cultivars will improve soil structure and fertility whilst withstanding extremes of the seasons
  • Lofa, greater persistency than Italian based Ryegrass
  • Astoncrusader, joint highest yielding Tetraploid for early spring growth
  • High inclusion of Red Clover for high protein silage yields
  • Heading date 20th - 25th May, average heading date 22nd May, optimal cutting date 12th - 17th May
  • Sowing Rate 12-14kg/acre (30 – 35kg/ha)
Red clover 2024 Nytrogen


Medium Term Multi-cut Red Clover (3-4 years)

Contains: GroMax

  • Lofa and Aberniche combines yield and forage quality with excellent stress tolerance
  • High quality intensive cutting mixture with high levels of protein due to Red Clover inclusion
  • Aberspey and Aberzeus both have the highest D-value and ME yields on the recommended list
  • Contains Aberclaret, an exceptionally persistent Red Clover increasing yield and protein content.
  • Heading date 20th - 29th May, average heading date 24th May, optimal cutting date 14th - 19th May
  • Sowing Rate 12-14kg/acre (30-35kg/ha)
Red clover 2024 Protogen

The continued use of red clover can lead to long term soil borne disease problems. It is important to rotate area to ensure soil and plant health.

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