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Our Forage Service

We have a team of highly trained Forage Specialists covering the whole of the UK and are here to help you improve the health and performance of your soil, to maximise your crop yield and quality. From soil testing to environmental schemes and crop walking, our specialist team are here to help advise and provide you with the best solutions, along with product choice and selection across a wide forage portfolio.

Our Forage Specialists

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Mel Digger Forage Product Manager
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Alan Lockhart Forage Technical Manager - South
David Wilde 760 500 px
David Wilde Forage Technical Manager - North & Scotland
Stuart Calow 760 500 px
Stuart Calow Fertiliser Trader - North
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Paul Coupe National Fertiliser Manager
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Michelle Cross Technical Forage Specialist - Wales
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Kyle Paterson Forage Product Specialist

Get to know our team

Mel Digger
Alan Lockhart
David Wilde
Stuart Calow
Paul Coupe
Michelle Cross
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About Mel

I joined ForFarmers in 2015 as the UK Forage Product Manager. I work with the Forage Technical Specialists around the country advising and supporting farmers with maximising production and quality from home grown forage. Working with our Ruminant Specialists we can build a feed ration from the soil up to achieve production goals.

No season is the same so adapting and reviewing opportunities to select the correct crops at the correct time whilst feeding the correct nutrients and preserving to reduce losses is key to maximising farm profitability.

About Alan

I've been working in the livestock sector for over 20 years and this has included spells working abroad as an agronomist in both Canada and Saudi Arabia, where I helped large dairy companies grow high quality forages for their dairy herds. I'm FACTS and BASIS qualified and have a keen personal and professional interest in alternative forages, crop protection and agronomy.

I have always felt that if farmers can produce good volumes of high-quality forage, it makes their life so much easier. Rationing is much more straight forward, and livestock health is often improved, as well as overall animal performance.

About David

I have an extensive career in agricultural forage including seeds manager and additive product development. I therefore offer a broad depth of knowledge to help and support customers in the North of England and Scotland with their forage choices.

About Stuart

I joined ForFarmers in 2018 as the Northern Fertiliser Trader. I cover the Midlands, Mid Wales and all the way to top of Scotland.

I work with customers and suppliers to get the most suitable and cost effective fertiliser products on farm. By following the latest market trends I am able to advise farmers on current buying options and being FACTS qualified the correct product choice.

About Paul

I have worked in the fertiliser industry for many years now and I'm currently responsible for the overall control of the National Fertiliser book for ForFarmers and work in conjunction with the Northern Fertiliser Trader. My area covers from the tip of Cornwall to the Midlands and across to the East Coast.

I work with customers, our sales teams and suppliers to ensure the most suitable and cost effective products on farm, as well as follow the latest market trends.

About Michelle

I’m the FACTS qualified Forage Specialist working mainly in West Wales but supporting all of Wales as and when needed. There is nothing more satisfying than making a difference and improving forage for my customers. I love what I do and as my customers know I will do whatever I can to help achieve more milk or meat from forage.

From digging holes, soil sampling, assessing leys, reviewing silage quality and helping improve the slurry utilisation whilst selling the correct product to save on some fertiliser costs - it’s all in a day’s work. I am very fortunate to have a great team to work with and some amazing customers, some of which have become good friends as well.

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Contact our dedicated team of forage specialists for advice and how we can help your business.

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