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Capri Maxima Complete

Afbeelding: nuts

Capri Maxima Complete is a 16.5% nut for ad-lib feeding systems with minimal forage.

Feeding recommendation: Post-kidding ad-lib with access to hay/straw.

ForFarmers have a specialist range of dairy goat compound feeds - Capri Maxima.  The Capri products focus on key performance areas; production, health and milk quality. ForFarmers can also supply a full range of alternative feeds; blends, straights, co-products, minerals and rumen protected fats for all dairy goat feeding systems.

Product code Product Feeding system ​ Form Protein (%)
P08214 Capri Maxima
Forage ​
Forage based
(hay/grass silage)
Nut 18
P08216 Capri Maxima
Complete ​
Ad-lib concentrate
(minimal forage)
Nut 16.5
Meals & Blends Straights Co-products​ Minerals Rumen
Protected Fat
BlendMix &
CompliMix ​
Various Various MinLine MilkPower
Link: 61915