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Organic Compounds

Our natural organic feeds are formulated to provide optimum nutrients, minerals and trace elements helping you to improve health, performance and profitability. 

F2M formulation
High, balanced, consistent, nutritional quality
High palatability
High physical quality

Every dairy farmer has their own objectives, products within the Natural range ensure farmers achieve these objectives as well as maximising feed efficiency and delivering the right performance benefits.

Key Features

  • F2M formulation
  • High, balanced, consistent, nutritional quality – our feeds are formulated to ensure your cows receive the same high level of nutrition load after load. Nutritional consistency is key to herd performance and maximising output.
  • High palatability – working closely with the team in our national innovation centre we have developed a new measure for palatability, the ruminant palatability index. Comprehensively understanding the palatability of raw materials and using this measure we will produce highly palatable feeds time after time.
  • High physical quality – We have an absolute commitment to top class physical quality in all of our compound feeds. We are continuously striving to improve at ForFarmers, and working closely with our manufacturing and research teams, we have been able to develop the most robust physical quality measure to date. This allows us to make the highest quality feeds.
Organic Compound Feed Range

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