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VITA Super Start Extra

A specialist high performance calf starter diet.

Quick rumen development
Maximum liveweight gain
Safe early weaning

Key Features

  • Nut
    6mm nut to maximise dry matter intake.
  • High Energy
    Optimum level of starch and digestible fibre to promote quick rumen development, minimise acidosis and maximise DLWG.
  • Balanced Protein
    18% protein to encourage muscle growth and frame development.
  • Health Pack
    Supplies vitamins (A, D, E & B), minerals and key trace elements (Zinc, Iodine, Cobalt and Selenium) to improve health.
  • Care+
    Unique combination of plant extracts and short chain fatty acids which help reduce respiratory problems, increase anti-microbial response and enhance immunity.
  • Levucell TITAN
    A rumen specific live yeast that promotes early rumen development.

Feeding Guide

  • Feed VITA Super Start Extra nuts ad-lib from 4 days to 12 weeks.
  • Suitable for feeding up to one month pre-calving (transition).
  • For grass silage based rearing systems feed VITA Super Start Extra nuts at a minimum 1kg/100kg liveweight.
  • Key liveweight targets and feed required (Holstein): 13.5 months, 385kg = 4-6kg VITA Super Start Extra.
  • Ensure clean water and Ad-Lib Fibre is available.


Wean when the calves are eating 2kg VITA Super Start Extra nuts on three consecutive days and are seen to be cudding.

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