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Producing food, sustainably

ForFarmers stands for the long-term good of farming and for the continuity of the agricultural sector as a whole, and at the heart of this sector is food production. Producing food for our rapidly growing population, sustainably, is a responsibility for the whole supply chain; from the raw materials we use to manufacture feed, to the livestock farms, right through to the supermarket where consumers do their shopping.

As a feed manufacturer our role sits at the very heart of this food production supply chain, and we take this very seriously. Sustainability is therefore one of our three core values, alongside ambition and partnership.

Examples of this are around producing more, with less, i.e. producing more animal proteins, using fewer raw materials whilst ensuring animal health and welfare is not impacted. But also, the purchasing of sustainably produced raw materials, and by constantly producing and transporting the feeds in a more sustainable manner. Our work on improving feed conversion efficiency, through innovative feed solutions is relentless.

Our approach

ForFarmers’ sustainability strategy focuses on three themes: the environment, people & society and animal health & welfare. Working with our farmers and other stakeholders we have identified six key focus areas within these themes.

Sustainability news