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Producing food, sustainably

ForFarmers stands for the long-term good of farming and for the continuity of the agricultural sector as a whole, and at the heart of this sector is food production. Producing food sustainably, is a responsibility for the whole supply chain; from the raw materials we use to manufacture feed, to the livestock farms, right through to the supermarket where consumers do their shopping. As a feed manufacturer our role sits at the very heart of this food production supply chain, and we take this very seriously.

Our sustainability approach

We take our role as a pioneer in the sector very seriously at ForFarmers. Sustainability is one of our core values, in addition to ambition and partnership. With Going Circular, sustainability is now also an integral part of our strategy, it is one of our strategy’s building blocks. We have used Going Circular to define clear ambitions and objectives, which we also report on in our annual report.

The three themes of Going Circular

ForFarmers’ sustainability strategy focuses on three themes: Feed Resources, Feed Production and Feed Solutions. Working with our farmers and other stakeholders we have identified these themes, and they serve as an umbrella for our sustainability projects.

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Feed resources
We have implemented a responsible purchasing policy for our feeds’ raw materials. We also already make extensive use of residual flows, for example from the food industry. We want to continue to expand on that.

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Feed production
ForFarmers’ emissions and energy consumption are central to this. How can we design our production and feed deliveries in such a way that we put as little burden on the environment as possible? One example: these days our feed mill in Lochem barely uses any natural gas, thanks to our biomass plant, which is fired on regional pruning waste. We also want this location to be fully energy-neutral by 2025.

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Feed solutions
We will be looking at efficiency throughout the entire chain within this theme, including at the farm. For example, how can we use innovations and our feed solutions to reduce nitrogen emissions at the farm?

In addition to these themes we are using our knowledge to improve animal health and animal welfare.

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