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The Grower Stage

Our grower diets have also been improved to deliver balanced profile of amino acids and protein, using the very best raw materials. Once poults have hatched and initially found feed and water in their brooding environment, the emphasis is on ensuring that feed consumption is optimised by way of optimal presentation and suitable formulation.


Pheasant Early Grower

A selection of Game Rearer diets at 24% protein and Game Grower at 20% protein are available from Marsdens for week 5 and 6. Both small 2.5mm and short cut 3.5mm options are available, and all diets contain fishmeal.

Pheasant Grower

From week 7 to 10 Marsdens’ flagship Game Grower Pellets support the birds development up until release. Formulated to 20% protein, these diets are available with and without both fishmeal and coccidiostat, giving the keeper the opportunity to derive a most cost effective feeding programme.


Partridge Early Grower

Weeks 9 to 11 is a key time for development for the birds so feed intake is key. Early grower 2mm mini pellet followed by Rearer 2.5mm pellet, both 24% protein fishmeal containing diets are the perfect transition to the grower diets.

Partridge Grower

From week 12 until release at around 14 weeks, the Marsdens range offers a selection of protein content from 24% to 20% and a choice of 2.5mm small pellets or 3.5mm short cut pellets. Whilst fishmeal remains a significant contributor to the protein content in the range, options to select nil fish and plain diet versions exist to optimise input costs from feed.


Marsdens Duck Grower

A 3.5mm short cut pellet, 18% protein. To follow on from Duck Starter Crumbs.

  • Marsdens grower diets are formulated to support the progressive development of the poults – initially their digestive and cardio-respiratory systems, through skeletal development and sequentially their muscle and feather growth.
  • With a fishmeal inclusion the Marsdens grower range is packed with nutrients which mimic the game bird’s natural food, making it an excellent preparatory feed before release.

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