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The Starter Stage

We have made significant investment in our starter range. No matter how good the diet formulation is, ease of consumption and digestibility is invaluable for game birds at hatching. Marsdens has invested in updates to our crumbling and sieving machines to ensure a consistent and quality product.

  • It’s critical for each chick to feed as soon as possible, and every gram counts in supporting the healthy growth and development of the bird.
  • Marsdens starter feeds are formulated from the finest raw materials to provide a dense and balanced diet across all of the product textures offered – from the smallest crumb up to a full pellet, every particle is a complete nutritional package.
  • Sustainably sourced fishmeal is a key feature of our starter range, where intake is low and nutrient density needs to be high!

Pheasant Starter


Typically fed in weeks 1 and 2, Marsdens Fine Crumbs are a 28% protein diet and are formulated with fishmeal to deliver the optimum balance of amino acids naturally. A non fish version of the 26% protein crumb is available. All Marsdens crumbs contain a coccidiostat.

Mini Pellets

Marsdens Starter and Early Grower 2mm mini pellets are typically fed in weeks 3 and 4 formulated at 26% and 24% protein respectively and both contain fishmeal.

Partridge Starter


Marsdens Fine Crumbs, 28%, are formulated with fishmeal and include a coccidiostat.
These fine crumbs are typically fed up until around three weeks of age.

Mini Pellets

Follow Fine Crumb with either 2mm Mini Pellets or a Coarse Crumb, both at 28% protein,
up until around 8 weeks of age with fishmeal incorporated into all.

Duck Starter

Marsdens Duck Starter Crumbs

Marsdens Duck Starter Crumbs are a plain 20% protein diet, perfect for ducklings from day old until accepting of a pellet.

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