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CAPRI Transitie Total

Goats that pass through the transition period smoothly give more milk and produce healthier, stronger kids.

During the transition period, the growing kid(s) has a high nutritional demand, also the increasing size of unborn kid(s) reduces the capacity of the rumen. The ration must be carefully balanced to ensure it provides an adequate supply of energy from concentrates to prevent metabolic problems post-kidding. Correct supply of protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements is also important for performance and health.

Goat Compound Feed

ForFarmers Capri Transition nuts provide a simple, complete solution for transition goats. The product delivers basic and complex nutrients in an easy to feed form for optimum goat performance and kidding. A 16% nut that can be fed 6 weeks pre and 4 weeks post kidding.

Capri Transition nuts can be fed in forage based systems or ad-lib concentrate systems.

Forage systems: 6 weeks pre-kidding 0.5kg/day and 4 weeks post-kidding 1.5kg/day with grass silage.

Ad-lib systems: 6 weeks pre-kidding ad-lib (1.5kg/day) and 4 weeks post-kidding ad-lib with access to hay/straw.

Transition Goat Diet

ForFarmers Capri Transition nuts provide a complete transition goat diet which will help to minimise the problems associated with pre and post kidding.

  1. Provides the correct balance of major nutrients calcium, phophorus and magnesium.
  2. Provides high levels of glucogenic energy sources, starch, propylene glycol to encourage glucose production.
  3. Higher levels of sugar to increase palatability and product quality.
  4. High digestible protein sources combined with Vitamin E and Selenium to boost colostrum anti-body content.
  5. Enhanced immunity high levels of Vitamin E increase resistance to infection and disease beneficial for mastitis.
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