Change to Farmgate Poultry Feed Ingredient

Smallholder Feeds

Affected Farmgate products:

Due to a change in EU legislation approval for Avatec (active ingredient Lasalocid) has been suspended for use in nutrition for chickens.

This ingredient is a coccidiostat which is a feed additive designed to help control the impact of a ubiquitous intestinal parasitic infection commonly referred to as coccidiosis.

ForFarmers is now using a replacement feed additive called Monensin, which is approved for use in chickens.
Please note this is not suitable for all species - Monensin can be toxic to some species of poultry, including turkeys so the feeding instructions on the declaration label should be strictly adhered to.

This impacts 3 Farmgate products: Chick Starter Crumb ACS, Rearer Pellets ACS and Chicken Finisher Pellets ACS.

If you have any questions about this change please contact Lisa Mancell, National Sales Coordinator for Farmgate.