Creep feeding lambs

Hitting the market at the right time can make a significant amount of difference in the value of a lamb. Our team are here to help and can improve your margins this season with a profitable finishing program.

AHDB Lamb 2021 5 year average

With prices significantly above the five year average, getting your lambs finished and securing the best prices is the core agenda for sheep farmers across the UK.

In the week ending 10th April estimated throughputs at UK abattoirs totalled 145,000 head. This was down 7% on the week before and down 31% on the same week a year ago.

With Ramadam already begun, this is likely to offer support for domestic sales and those for export. Covid-19 may have an effect on the celebrations and gatherings however Ramadan 2020 was observed under a full lockdown and so we may see stronger sales than last year due to lighter restrictions. Here in the UK retail sales of lamb are still strong.

Benefits of early creep feeding

✓ Maximise lamb growth rates when feed conversion is at its best.
✓ Selling deadweight achieve higher KO % when creep fed.
✓ Lambs sold at their maximum value.
✓ Beat the mid-late summer price drop.
✓ Dry ewes can be kept tighter, reducing fertiliser costs.

ForFarmers range of lamb creep feed

Lambwena Pellets

An excellent 'first feed' to promote fast growth rates with high feed efficiency for modern lamb rearing systems. Contain STIMULATE L, which helps the young lamb to build up its own natual immune status.

Ewbol Prestige Lamb

Promotes high growth rates and feed efficiency. High in digestible fibre and starch for high DLWG. Includes 18% protein and Addarome a flavour enhancer to stimulate higher intakes.

Ewbol Lamb Finisher 16 + Levucell

A specialist lamb diet formulated to produce high growth rates, excellent feed conversion and improved rumen health. Contains 16% protein, a health pack, ammonium chloride and Levucell.

Ewbol Express Lamb Finisher + Levucell

A high energy feed formulated for rapid finishing and intensive lamb feeding systems. High DLWG, excellent feed conversion and improved rumen health.