Do you make maximum use of your robot data?

As a robotic milker, do you get the most out of your robot and exploit the full potential of your herd?

Robotic Milking

The ForFarmers dairy and robot specialists are keen to assess whether the interplay between robot settings, nutrition and health is optimal. It often turns out that small details can make a big difference; those details our robot specialists uncover with the unique ForFarmers Robot Analysis Programme which provides:

  • Greater insight
  • More opportunities
  • Increased returns

What is The Robot Analysis Programme?

The Robot Analysis Programme collects real-time and historical data from the milking robot. This data is clearly visualised for the robot specialist and is uniform across every robot brand. The data can be displayed at herd level, parity number and at individual animal level, to be compared and analysed.

Quick check of the robot data

Are the settings (still) correct, or could more be got out of the robot? For example, think about creating more free time/ production capacity on the robot. Optimise the concentrate advice based on the milk yield and immediately see the spread per parity. In this way, ForFarmers Robot Specialists ensure the robot settings perfectly match the objectives of your farm.

Proven to get more out of your milking robot

With The Robot Analysis Programme and the expert advice of our Robot Specialists, robotic milkers at ForFarmers have been getting more out of their milking robot.

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