Farmgate Feeds launch new pig finisher product

Farmgate Feeds, part of the ForFarmers group, are bringing a new product to their smallholder range, the ‘Traditional Grader.’ The ‘Traditional Grader’ is a later stage pig finisher diet for smallholder customers, enabling them to further optimise nutrition to each life stage supporting pig performance and overall health.

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Sam Bradley, Pig Technical and Commercial Advisor at Farmgate Feeds comments: “We are excited to bring this new product to our smallholder range. ‘Traditional Grader’ has been developed to maximise lean tissue deposition and lower backfat, helping smallholders to optimise their finishing pigs by decreasing days to slaughter whilst encouraging a better final product.”

The ‘Traditional Grader’ has been formulated to contain a high protein to energy ratio to encourage an improved feed conversion ration to support smallholders, those with rare breeds or commercial producers. The balanced and high levels of digestible protein sources encourage good feed intake and efficient lean deposition. The improved FCR and killing out %, also help to reduce the environmental impact for pig producers.

Pigs have distinct nutritional requirements through the different stages of production and getting this right at each stage is beneficial as the production cycle develops. The development of the ‘Traditional Grader’ finisher diet is based on extensive trial work led by the company’s Nutrition Innovation Centre which provides the backbone of all pig nutrition for ForFarmers and Farmgate Feeds.

Farmgate Feeds use only the very best raw ingredients, assuring smallholders that the range is backed by the same nutritional expertise and experience, which larger farmers and producers have trusted and relied upon for many years. This is supported by the Farmgate team’s wealth of knowledge on all aspects of pig nutrition and welfare.

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