Funding for robotic silage pushers announced

Robotic silage pushers are included in a range of equipment that can be part funded by Defra’s recently announced Farming and Technology Fund. We spoke to Bruce Forshaw, Feed2Milk Product Manager and Master CowSignals Trainer, about the benefits frequently pushing up silage can make to dairy herds.

Robotic Milking
Juno 720

A range of benefits

“Ensuring that feed is always available at the feed fence is a vital part of keeping cows healthy. Regular pushing up encourages frequent feeding, resulting in higher feed intakes and consistent milk production."

“However, beyond feed intakes, regular pushing can up can also have a positive impact on cow health. When feed is regularly pushed up and is in easy reach of the cow there is less pressure put on front legs and necks. Cows which each regularly throughout the day are also better able to regulate their rumen pH, reducing the risk of rumen acidosis."

“Another clear benefit of having plenty of feed readily available is the reduced competition between cows. This can have a positive impact on stress levels, particularly in less dominant cows."

“Ideally feed should be pushed up between six and eight times per day. Automating this process using robotic silage pushers could be a useful investment for farms looking to use labour more efficiently" concluded Bruce.

For more information

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