Keeping your Farmgate Feeds, Fresh!

When the weather gets warmer bagged feed can start to sweat in the packaging and runs the risk of going mouldy, sooner than the use by date.

Smallholder Feeds

The manufacturing process

The last stage of the manufacturing process after we have produced the pellets is to cool the product down, ready for bagging.

Our coolers work by sucking the surrounding air through the product as it is stacked in the cooler, so the product can only be cooled to the ambient temperature at the time of manufacture (this is why we always make rolls at night).

We also wrap our bagged feed in perforated film so the products can ‘breath’.

What can you do?

  • Only order what you need, so you use the feed up in the advised time
  • Remove the plastic wrap as soon as possible after delivery
  • Store bags in a cool and dry place and out of direct sunlight
  • Separate bags as much as possible, so the air can circulate around the individual bags and they’re not stuck together.