Make the most of your slurry by protecting the nutrient value

Liquid manure is a good source of fertiliser due to its content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Treating slurry with Microzyme R helps retain the nutrient value and reducing the need for some bought in fertiliser.


MicroZyme R is a biological product which reduces solids and controls odour of ruminant waste stored in lagoons and other holding pits.

  • Accelerates the degradation of organic waste material
  • Improves plant uptake, allowing slurry to be applied to multi-cut systems
  • Provides consistent nutritive value

The unique blend of specifically selected bacteria and enzymes degrade the organic waste material thereby reducing ammonia levels. Reduced ammonia emissions help preserve nitrogen content and nutrient value of the manure, therefore optimising its value as a fertiliser as well as reducing the environmental impact of livestock production.


MicroZyme R protects the nutrient value and makes it easier to manage:

Decreases solids:
  • Less time stirring and fewer blockages
  • Quicker pump outs, less diesel used
  • Less cost to spread
  • Easier injecting or drilling
  • Reduction in surface run off risk
  • Reduces crust formation
Storage advantages:
  • Reducing odour and ammonia emissions
  • Less separation after mixing and a more consistent slurry
  • Lower harmful emissions that can affect livestock and operators
  • Less sediment, fast and easier emptying.

Storage and instructions

The product contains viable bacteria and microbial enzymes. For maximum shelf life store in a cool, dry place and use within 12 months of manufacture.

Treatment should start as the lagoon begins to fill and should be continued on a regular basis. For all applications mix the total amount of MicroZyme R with 10 times the volume of water and then add to passage scrapings or pump into the lagoon.