Nutrition is key to a successful breeding season

Now more than ever, getting the nutrition of your breeding flock is vital, and cutting corners now will prove to be a false economy, writes game feed specialist Jamie Horner.

Game Feeds
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Optimum egg numbers, excellent fertility of the hen and cock birds, hatchability and ultimately healthy viable poults is the name of the game in this first phase of the game rearing season. Success here paves the way for excellent days in the shooting field, later in the year- and ultimately where you see your return on investment.

Attention before the first egg is laid pays dividends

The onset of the breeding period is one of the most critical within the game calendar and arguably one of the most stressful for the bird. It has been clearly demonstrated that a well-nourished breeding bird not only performs well itself, but is also more efficient in the transfer of key nutrients to the young poult via the egg.

In most cases the breeding performance is set before the first egg is laid. Good health and condition for both the hen and the cock must be achieved. It is critical to maintain bird health throughout the laying season, and nutrition plays an important role here; maximising egg production, fertility and hatchability and laying the foundations for optimum breeding. And of course, as soon as the egg is laid our ability to exert influence ends, so it’s critical we get this stage right.

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