OptiRobot: Same amazing insights, just a new name

This autumn, ForFarmers unveils its updated OptiRobot system. Previously known as the Robotic Analysis Programme, the unique system helps optimise robot performance and maximise productive potential of the dairy herd.

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“Automated milking systems yield vast amounts of data, which can be overwhelming,” said Laurence Loxam, ForFarmers’ UK Robotics Commercial Manager. “It’s difficult for producers to know what they need to focus on, in order to achieve their business objectives."

OptiRobot is the only system which can collect real time data from any automation system and provide clear and detailed analysis. “Previously, we could only access data while on farm - it was time consuming, and some systems would only allow us access to the previous 24 hours of data,” said Laurence.

“Once a farm is set up with OptiRobot their ForFarmers account manager will receive a daily report,” he concluded. “This makes it easier to spot trends and to drill down into details of what is happening on farm. We can then make recommendations to any changes in nutrition, robot settings and herd management to enhance performance.”

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