Seasonal Tasks for Smallholders

With the longer warmer days, summer is the ideal time to catch up on any maintenance tasks on the smallholding. Here we share our key maintenance tips, including important considerations for livestock feed storage, to keep your holding in top order.

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Fencing repairs

Inspect all fences for winter damage. Repair or replace broken posts, wires, and gates to secure your livestock and protect crops. If you plan to use electric fencing for strip grazing, now is a good time to check your equipment and repair or replace anything that needs it.

Servicing equipment

Book in your tractors, mowers, and other machinery to be serviced (unless you have the skills to do it yourself). Check oil levels, replace filters, and sharpen blades to avoid any breakdowns in peak season.

Check water systems

Inspect and clean all water troughs – check for any leaks and ensure your hoses are in good working order too.

Cleaning animal housing

Now is a good time to deep clean your poultry coops and other animal housing. Use a pressure washer to get into the nooks and crannies and be alert to signs of red mite in poultry housing.

Restoring pasture

Assess your paddocks for damage and reseed any bare patches. Rotate grazing areas to allow for regrowth and to prevent overgrazing.

Feed storage

Check all your feed bins for signs of pest infestations or moisture damage. Take the opportunity to empty, clean/pressure wash and disinfect bins and storage areas thoroughly.

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