Spotlight on Breeder Nutrition

Supplementary feed additives can be important if you are not feeding the complete package. However, Marsdens nutrition is designed to contain all that the bird needs and the top additives are built into our diets, as standard.

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Included in Marsdens feeds through carefully selected Fibre sources. By way of Pre-Biotic effect of the fibres from raw materials and specific additions such as Actigen and Arbocell Marsdens nutrition creates an environment that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria without adding any (as a probiotic). The correct Pre-biotic strategy negates the need for probiotics!

We also go a step further at Marsdens because as experts in nutrition and we have Post-Biotics - Butyric Acid


  • Helps maintain gut health by creating an environment that encourages the growth of bacterial populations which are beneficial to the bird
  • Also supports the cells of the gut itself by way of providing an energy source for their proper functioning


Critical for cell hydration- and therefore good gut health

  • It’s a natural product found in sugar beet
  • It is digested by birds and sits in cells helping to hold water and keeps cells “plumped”
  • This helps the intestinal cells form tight junctions as a barrier to pathogens
  • Helps keep birds hydrated when there is an osmotic pull of water from cells into intestinal contents


  • The chick embryo grows so quickly there is a risk of oxidative damage (think about watching your car’s steel turn to rust!) antioxidants such as carotenoids protect the embryo– resulting reduced mortality during incubation and more poults hatched.

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