Support rumen function and cow performance

Microbalance Rumibuff SC is the latest addition to ForFarmers’ product range, and combines the rumen-stabilising power of Megabuff with the feed efficiency gains of Levucell.

Dairy Nutrition
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Feed efficiency is a top priority for many producers so now, more than ever, everything on a dairy unit’s order sheet must earn its place.

Microbalance Rumibuff SC is a product that does just that by bringing together the benefits of two existing products – Megabuff and Levucell – for the price of one. It’s a cost-effective feed option that will help to support cow performance, with the two products influencing the cow’s rumen in different ways.

Megabuff stabilises rumen pH and helps to reduce acid loading in the rumen. This, in turn, supports more effective and efficient rumen function and allows the cow to get the most out of her feed.

Levucell, which is an active yeast based product, helps to create better conditions in the rumen by reducing populations of harmful microbes and mopping up excess oxygen. This product works particularly well when the pH of the rumen is already close to optimal so, when paired with Megabuff, the two products combined prove a powerful and positive combination. Together they support feed utilisation and performance.

During the summer months, Microbalance Rumibuff SC also helps to maintain feed intakes and production levels in heat-stressed cows.

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