UK poultry team launches ForFarmers’ first app

After a year of hard work and a real team effort, the UK poultry team is delighted to share the launch of a brand-new (and very first) app from ForFarmers: Data View, which is exclusive to APOLLO broiler customers.


Data View is simple to use, and reports key information, including bird placement dates, mortality, water consumption, feed consumption, temperature, humidity and light, so informed decisions can be made to optimise broiler performance.

The UK’s specialist broiler team are on hand to support customers by monitoring these areas and helping the customers spot patterns, problem solve and support any specific changes alongside the ForFarmers’ Apollo feeding programme.

Whether a customer needs to problem solve or fine-tune to achieve efficient feed conversion and bird health, ForFarmers' Data View will offer all the information at their fingertips, allowing them to monitor how their investment in APOLLO is providing the required returns.

Data View tile

Data View would not have been possible without everyone involved throughout the app development and customer trials, and we are looking forward to seeing the difference that this free tool makes to our Apollo customers. We’re really excited to be able to offer this to our customers and alongside our industry leading nutrition, great account management team and the on-farm support we now offer the complete package to our broiler customers.

CLICK HERE for more information and how you can get the app.