Using the correct maize additive

Maize silage is one of the riskiest forages in terms of preserving. Correct chop length will help improve the fermentation and reduce heating at feed out.

Maize silage is prone to losses from insufficient fermentation. Using an additive can minimise losses by helping to control fermentation but also aerobic spoilage.

Maize clamp 720

Benefits of using an additive to produce faster, more efficient fermentation

  • Improve use of available sugars
  • Preserves more nitrogen as true protein
  • Reduces fermentation DM losses
  • Minimises undesirable microbial activity
  • Improved animal performance

Benefits of using an additive to inhibit yeasts & moulds that cause spoilage

  • Less heating
  • Lower DM losses
  • Less physical waste
  • Higher energy feed
  • Less risk of mycotoxins

ForFarmers maize additive options

Maize additive options