Warm-weather water provision

During hot weather and heat-stress conditions, cows can drink an additional 100 litres a day compared to typical consumption rates at other times of the year. Providing cows with adequate levels of fresh, clean, and preferably cool, water during the warmer summer months reduces the risk of acidosis and reduced feed utilisation. So producers should check that facilities are able to provide enough water to ensure cows can consume five litres of water for every litre of milk produced.


Cows will also have a peak water intake during the early afternoon and early evening, so water provision should be planned accordingly. Whether herds are housed or out grazing, there must be enough water-trough space available during these periods to meet increased demand. Ideally, cows should have to walk no more than 250m to access water, and there must be at least 10cm of drinking space allocated per cow.

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