Watch out for grass staggers

The transition to early-spring grazing offers numerous benefits for herds and dairy businesses. But lush early-season grass is often low in magnesium, putting milking cows at risk of developing hypomagnesaemia or grass staggers.

Dairy Nutrition
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This potentially fatal metabolic disease is typically triggered by low magnesium levels in the cow’s blood, particularly on cold and wet days when grass intakes can be suppressed.

The condition can manifest rapidly, with symptoms including restlessness, muscle twitching, teeth grinding, loss of appetite, and even paralysis.

To prevent grass staggers, producers should ensure that cows have adequate magnesium in their diet, particularly during the early grazing season. ForFarmers offers a range of mineral buckets and magnesium supplements including Minline Grazer Mineral, which contains 20% magnesium, to support cow health during the grazing period. Maintaining sufficient sodium levels in the diet is essential for magnesium absorption.

By implementing preventive measures and providing nutritional support tailored to early-grazing challenges, producers can ensure the health and productivity of their herds during this critical period.

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