Why are game feed prices so high?

Tom Welham, Sales Director for Marsdens Game Feeds explains how the invasion of Ukraine and other factors are impacting the price of game feed in the UK.

Game Feeds
Wheat field landscape picture

It can be difficult to compute how events happening around other parts of the globe can impact the price of a bag of game feed. But that’s the reality of how current events in Ukraine and Russia are effecting the UK game market.

Game feed diets are formulated using a variety of raw materials including wheat, soya, sunflower, barley which are procured from the global market throughout the year. Feed suppliers, just like other businesses operating in global markets, make decisions on an hourly, daily, weekly basis about the best time to buy, in this case raw materials, to achieve maximum value for the customer and ensure end products remain competitive in the market.

Record wheat prices

Quality growing conditions and vast fields have earned Ukraine the nickname ‘the breadbasket of Europe’ and more than a quarter of the world’s wheat supply comes from Russia and Ukraine.

The invasion of Ukraine has led to a lack of farm workers to harvest crops, a necessity to now grow food rather than feed, exports of cereal raw materials being halted and huge supply chain disruptions in the Black Sea. This is resulting in higher prices for the materials coming out of that supply chain.

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