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Piglet Feed Range

An exclusive range of quality ingrediants

The selected raw materials are essential for achieving highly digestable piglet feeds. The production teams in ForFarmers and Trouw Nutrition understand that the piglet feeds they manufacture contain very specific ingrediants that require special care ang attention to optimise nutritional effectiveness. 

VIDA contains highly digestable raw materials, cleaned and finely ground ingrediants and extruded soya bean meal which manimises protein digestability and enhances gut health. 

    VIDA Prestarter

    A Prestarter crumb or meal containing highly digestable protein sources all aimed at increasing the piglet's appetite and to prepare the gut for solid feed. A high density and palatable prestarter diet specifically designed to be fed to piglets prior to and for a few days after weaning.

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    VIDA Milk

    A high quality and palatable sow milk replacer specifically formulated to supplement the sow’s milk during the suckling period. It may also be used as a complete milk replacer where early weaning is necessary, or during the weaning process to ease the transition to solid feed.

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    VIDA Ultima

    Aiming for the ultimate performance. Challenging the piglets to reach their maximum genetic growth potential. VIDA Ultima 1 is available in both a pellet and meal.

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    VIDA Maxima

    Stimulates a high feed intake which results in excellent growth. This is achieved by an efficient feed conversion ratio ensuring optimum cost per kilo and live weight gain.

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