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Afbeelding: VIDA Milk bag

A high quality and palatable milk replacer specifically formulated to supplement the sow’s milk during the suckling period. It may also be used as a complete milk replacer where early weaning is necessary, or during the weaning process to ease the transition to solid feed.

What are the benefits in using VIDA Milk?

  • The composition of VIDA Milk has been designed to complement the sow's milk and meet the exacting nutrient requirement of the post-natal piglet
  • Utilises specially processed starch to aid gut development and maximise weaning weight
  • Provides nutritional support for the piglet’s immune system
  • Improves feed utilisation and reduces the risk of scouring
  • Includes essential vitamins and minerals
  • It mixes easily and is very palatable, encouraging quick and easy feed intake
  • The milk can be fed manually and is also specially designed for all automatic feeding systems