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For the producer who wants to maximise egg weight and economic return from this. Aims to extend the laying cycle. Has a focus on the environment credentials of their operation. And has the challenge of free range conditions.

Natural Yolk Pigmentation suitable for most major retailers, to deliver a yolk score of around 11.
Incorporates nutritional innovations that deliver economic returns which allows the producer to extend the laying cycle with confidence, via:

  • Improved gut health
  • Shell strength
  • Skeletal integrity
  • Organic Mineral supplementation
  • Incorporates the Sustain feeding concept to help preserve egg shell quality in extended lay cycles

- For every 1% less cracks, 1 large egg per bird is saved, typically worth £2 per tonne feed.
- For each 0.5g egg weight increase, 3% shift Medium to Large, typically worth 25p per hen, or £5 per tonne feed.

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