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Sheep Minerals & Buckets

Supplying the correct amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is important for optimum production, health and fertility. Deficiency or excess of minerals can reduce performance and seriously affect animal health.

Minline Sheep 

  • Balanced to help meet the demands of both ewe and her lamb(s) during pregnancy.
  • Minline Sheep has optimised levels of vitamin E and selenium
  • Helps to improve lamb viability and support the immune function
  • Cobalt supports development, fertility and engery metabolism in multiple bearing ewes and lambs
  • Whilst balanced levels of magnesium and phosphorus meet the demands of growing lambs
  • Minline Sheep has a good level of zinc which support hoof health.
ForFarmers Sheep Buckets and Mineral Range

Sheep Buckets

Our ForFarmers range includes four different buckets, suitable for different applications and times of year. Find out more details below.

Minline Sheep GP

  • Balances mineral and vitamin deficiencies in forages and grazing all year round and supports health, immunity, performance and fertility in all ewes.

Minline High Mag Sheep

  • For use during spring and autumn months to help prevent grass staggers (hypomagnesaemia) and supplement minerals and vitamins. Also suitable for mixed grazing where cattle are present.

Minline Sheep Energy & Protein

  • Use at tupping or lambing time to provide energy and high quality protein.

Minline Summer Garlic

  • Provides a full range of essential vitamins and minerals to both cattle and sheep to compensate for any grazing deficiencies with the additional benefit of garlic to repel flies and biting insects reducing irritation and risk of disease.
  • Be aware of withdrawal periods for meat and milk destined for human consumption. 

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