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Nutricare360: providing nutritional support towards a zinc free pig regime

Nutricare 360 zinc free pig regime

Nutricare 360, brought to you by ForFarmers, offers a structured approach to supporting our customers in tackling some of the big challenges facing the UK pig industry, with the overall goal of improving piglet health and vitality.

As UK pig producers will be aware, from June 2022 Zinc will no longer be allowed used in piglet diets- leaving a gap in how producers can effectively support piglets during the early, and critical, weeks of development.

Click here for practical tips for going Zinc Free

Zinc Oxide is typically used, at therapeutic levels, in piglet diets for the prevention of two big health challenges: post-weaning diarrhoea and bowel oedema disease in pigs- issues which can significantly impact the health and performance of piglets at a critical stage in their growth and development.

Despite the numerous benefits of zinc, from June 2022 Zinc will no longer be allowed used in piglet diets- leaving a gap in how producers can effectively support piglets during these early weeks of development.

A recent survey suggested more than 1/3rd of UK pig farmers are routinely using zinc oxide in piglet diets post weaning, and many producers still have no clear plan around how to manage the removal next year.

ForFarmers is working with UK pig producers to support them through this significant change in piglet heath management and the role that nutrition can play. Through the ForFarmers international Nutrition Innovation Centre and leading team of nutritional experts we’re working on alternatives, but there is no silver bullet.

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Our account managers and technical team are working closely with our customer base in the transition to zinc free production. Over and above this we also wanted to make our advice available to all producers - so we’re sharing a programme of practical tips and advice across our social media channels and here on our website including tips and information on:

  • Ensuring good hygiene and creating the right environment to support good health
  • Colostrum management
  • Healthy litter birth weights
  • Matching nutrient intake to the type of animal to support gut health
  • Encouraging consistent feed intake
  • In feed and water acidification

ForFarmers operates in multiple countries, all at varying stages in their zinc journey, so we’ll be drawing on experiences from producers in other countries.

Wherever you are on your zinc journey, ForFarmers is here to help. Talk to our Young Animal Feed Specialist, Emma Slater, today: 07768 37 82 66

for practical tips and advice about going zinc free, CLICK HERE

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ForFarmers is here to help UK Pig producers on their zinc free journey, in readiness for June 2022.