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Consider Okara in your organic dairy and beef rations

Sector News Sector News5-10-2020

Okara is a co-product of organic tofu production and is a moist pulp consisting of the insoluble parts of soybean. It is high in fibre, energy and protein and contains moderate amounts of starch and sugar. Both the production process and the product are approved by the Soil Association, making it ideal for use on organic farms as ForFarmers Account Manager, Philip Hayes, explains.

“The high protein and energy content of Okara make it a really good option for organic dairy enterprises for use alongside forage or in a total mixed ration. It provides a cost-effective alternative to soya or other protein such as oilseed rape."

"The protein content of Okara also makes it an ideal feed for rearing organic beef while the soya oil content means it is also a useful ingredient in organic finishing beef feeds. The high oil content limits the inclusion rate to about 5-6 kg/head/day in most dairy or beef rations.

Okara for beef

Available nationwide

“The product comes in 1-tonne tote bags and is distributed from Yorkshire, making it ideal for those based in the North of England and the Midlands, but can also be delivered nationwide. The product stores for about a week in bags, or can be clamped and sheeted sheeted tightly (or covered with an edible cover such as wheatfeed) to exclude all air. Once ensiled, the product will store for approximately three months.

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To find out more about Okara and the rest of our comprehensive range of straights and co-products, please speak to your local ForFarmers account manager or call 08700 500 306