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Advice from our specialist Advice from our specialist14-5-2020

Feeding beef cattle with live yeast has been proven to aid rumen development, improve rumen efficiency and ease the transition of cattle on to high energy, high starch finishing diets – helping cattle maximise feed utilisation and achieve good weight gains.

In this article we discuss the four key benefits that Levucell could bring to your beef cattle. 

Beef feeding at a trough

1. Early growth gains

Feeding Levucell live yeast promotes the growth of rumen papillae, enabling the rumen to work more effectively and increasing feed utilisation. 

2. Rumen stabilisation

Levucell has also been shown to reduce rumen oxygen content, which helps stimulates the growth of rumen organisms that digest fibre and starch; contributing to more efficient rumen performance.

3. Reduced risk of acidosis

Finishing cattle are often fed high energy, high starch diets. When fermented in the rumen these diets create acidic conditions and lower rumen pH. If left unchecked, this decrease in rumen pH can result in acidosis and subsequent drop in rumen performance.

Levucell live yeast regulates rumen pH by encouraging the growth of bacteria within the rumen that counteract lactic acid; helping to maintain optimum rumen pH of 6.2 pH or above. 

4. Ease transition

Sudden changes to diet can result in cattle suffering from stomach upsets and subsequent growth checks. During periods of transition, Levucell can be used to help ease the rumen ‘shock’ created by changes to diet by quickly stabilising rumen pH and ensuring that the rumen maintains anaerobic conditions. 

Levucell Product Range

Afbeelding: Beef - Prime Beef Grower

Prime Beef Grower + Levucell 

A specialist specialist diet for growing and creep feeding system.

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Afbeelding: Beef PrimeMix

PrimeMix 34 + Levucell

A specialist high protein balancer diet for mixing with cereals to produce complete growing and finishing diets.

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Afbeelding: Beef - Super Grade

Super Grade + Levucell

A specialist diet for semi-intensive or silage beef finishing systems.

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Levucell Micro Balance Range

Micro Balance - Levucell 30, Prime and Natural

Nutritional supplements that can be incorporated into TMR or PMR diets.

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Levucell Mineral

Mineral - Minline Elite Beef + Levucell

Essential minerals for optimum production, health and fertility.

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