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Moist co-products provides flexible feed solution

Sector News Sector News14-5-2018

SelcoPlus is a highly palatable, moist feed supplied by ForFarmers. Made of co-products from the food and distilling industries, it is being successfully used by ForFarmers' dairy and beef customers in the North and Midlands. AmyPlus is the equivalent product available in the South. 

SelcoPlus mixes well with silage and straw, making it an ideal source of complementary nutrition as part of a PMR or TMR ration. Thanks to its high energy, protein and dry matter content, SelcoPlus can also be fed to livestock at a lower rate when compared to other traditional moist co-products, such as brewer's grains. 

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Afbeelding: AmyPlus

Moist feed SelcoPlus helps reduce beef finishing times

Andy Knighton is the farm manager at Butterley Park Farm, where he runs a large beef finishing unit with the help of his son, Luke, and farm worker Aaron, on behalf of H W Martin Farms. 

The farm incorporate more than 1,300 head of beef cattle and 2,500 acres of arable and forage crops. "We bring in stores at a range of ages, and aim to move cattle on when they reach 360-370kg deadweight," explained Andy. Eighteen months ago, Andy was feeding a mixture of homegrown cereals, protein pellets and potato waste to his cattle, but started to notice declining weight gains. Cattle were struggling to achieve weight gains of 7kg a week and some were not achieving their deadweight target until 34 months. 

"Even though we had the mixer running constantly and fed throughout the day, we weren't seeing the weight gains we wanted," explained Andy. "The cattle just wouldn't take up the feed that was offered to them and we were having problems with scouring".

On the advice of the farm's nutritional consultant and ForFarmers agent, Nigel Whittle, potato waste was removed from the diet mix, with SelcoPlus used as a substitute. As a result, feed intakes increased dramatically. 

"Our cattle seem to absolutely love it," stated Andy. "The palatability and consistency of the feed mix is so much better than before, and our animals are now eating much more and finishing quicker."

Since using SelcoPlus Andy has reported weight gains in excess of 10kg a week, with some cattle moving on at just 22 months

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