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Dairy Feeds

ForFarmers offer a total nutrition based feeds service. Our nationwide network of sales and support teams cover each region of England, Scotland and Wales. They provide a comprehensive range of services; from simple advice on feeding, to diet formulation and feed financial management.

    Dairy Fats

    Ruminant fats are fed both to increase the energy density of the diet and provide building blocks for butterfat and body condition. The amount included in the diet is carefully controlled as too much can cause problems with fatty liver and acetonaemia, while too little can limit production and fertility. These products contain different combinations of saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (FAs).

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    MicroBalance Range

    Micro Balance is a range of nutritional supplements to be incorporated in TMR or PMR diets.

    Each product has a specific nutritional function and can be included to supply nutritional benefits or to correct specific nutritional problems which may be affecting herd performance.

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    Dairy Minerals, Buckets and Blocks

    Supplying the correct amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is important for optimum production, health and fertility. Deficiency or excess of minerals can reduce performance and seriously affect animal health.

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    Dairy Compound Feed

    ForFarmers dairy feed range is based on the latest research and development, practical experience and principals of Feed2Milk. The F2M dairy compound range consists of four elements:
    – Maxima, Optima, Ultima and Prima.

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    Blends and Meals

    ForFarmers BlendMix & CompliMix range is based on the latest Research and Development, practical experience and principals of Feed2Milk. These products are designed to be used in PMR or full TMR feeding systems.

    Each BlendMix and CompliMix product has its own specific F2M nutrients (energy and protein) which are formulated to balance variable silage quality (SilageManager F2M Categories) and different combinations of silage.

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