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Levucell TITAN is a rumen specific live yeast and has a number of features which benefit rumen health and production in dairy cows.

Levucell helps to:

  • Maintain a constant rumen pH
  • Reduces rumen acid loading
  • Improves fibre digestion
  • Improves milk yield and rumen health

Levucell TITAN increases enzyme activity, fibre digesting bacteria activity and forage surface area. As a result more energy is available to the rumen microbes for microbial protein production, this in turn increases milk production from forage. High forage diets benefit from Levucell TITAN.

Cows at feed barrier

Levucell TITAN reduces rumen lactic acid levels, SARA and the risk of low rumen pH.

Importantly Levucell increases starch utilisation and increases lactic acid utilising bacteria in the rumen. This helps to maintain a constant rumen pH. High RFC diets (starch, sugar and lactic acid) benefit from Levucell TITAN.

Trial results

Milk production trials of Levucell have been completed by ForFarmers Nutrition Innovation Centre (NIC), see Table 1.

Milk production trial results  
Range response (litres/day) 1.2 - 2.4
Average response (litres/day) 1.4
Average F2M response (kg/kg) 0.075


Levucell live yeast is available nationwide and is included in the following products:

Feed2Milk range:

  • Optima Match
  • Optima Robot Match

Feed2Milk Organic range:

Youngstock range:



  • Available in Blends

Beef range: Stabilises rumen pH, improves rumen health and increase DLWG

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